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ISPM-15 Standard

Since March of 2002, the IPPC or International Plant Protection Committee has set guidelines for regulating wood packaging material in international trade.  The ISPM-15 Standard applies to both softwood (coniferous) and hardwood (non-coniferous) packaging.  Both types of wood must be heat treated to 56 degrees C for thirty minutes.


The ISPM-15 Standard is ever-changing and can be quite confusing. Call us today for the current list of countries requiring ISPM-15 and to learn how you will be affected.


ISPM-15 HT Stamp


Schaefer is a licensed ISPM-15 Heat Treatment Facility, and can help your shipments avoid big problems at international docks.
The image to the right is our

on-site kiln that can heat treat up to 600 standard size pallets

(48 x 40) in a 4-hour time period.

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