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PALLETS/SKIDS - Portable platforms used as a base for transporting or storing materials

2-way flush pallet
Specialty Solid Top Pallet
4-way Wing Pallet
Wing Pallets
4-way Flush Pallet
Block Pallet

SHIPPING BOXES - Shipping containers with solid plywood or OSB walls

Display Box Tradeshow
Standard shipping box
Standard OSB Box
Standard Boxes

SHIPPING CRATES -Shipping containers lacking solid walls

Large shipping crate
Shipping crates


Noteworthy Terminology

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  • 2-way entry - Forklift entry from only 2 sides

  • 4-way entry - Forklift entry from all 4 sides

  • Butted Deckboards - Two or more top boards fastened tightly against each other

  • Deckboards - The horizontal top boards on a pallet or skid that run perpendicular to the stringers

  • Dimensions - Pallet dimensions always refer to the length first (For example a 48 x 40 = 48L x 40W) Box and crate dimensions always refer to the Inside Dimensions (I.D.) Length x Width x Height

  • Fasteners - Metal devices used to hold the structure. Common fasteners are nails, screws, scrails, lags/bolts, and staples.

  • Flush - Flush pallets/skids have deck and bottom boards that align with the outside stringers and do not overhang.

  • Notch - A cutout in the stringers to allow the use of a forklift or pallet jack

  • Stringers - The vertical boards that run perpendicular to the top and/or bottom boards

  • Wing - Winged pallets and skids have overhanging deckboards and/or bottom boards. A single wing refers to only overhanging deckboards, and double wing refers to both deck and bottom boards.

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