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From standard stock pallets to customized shipping crates, Schaefer has all the capabilities to cover your specific needs.

  • Vendor Managed Inventory - Schaefer's large facility allows for numerous customer inventory options. We can make & hold inventory for customers who provide us with blanket orders. We can also go to your site and count your stock to ensure your inventory levels never fall below a specified quantity.


  • ISPM-15 Certification - Click here to learn more about Schaefer's Heat Treating capabilities.


  • Logistics - We deliver the majority of our orders directly to our customers using our own fleet of trucks. We employ full-time drivers and back-up drivers to ensure 99.3% on-time delivery.

  • Helpful Customer Service Staff - Schaefer's small, personable office staff is available to answer questions quickly and make sure your company's needs are always met.


  • Full-Time Sales Professionals - We employ two full-time sales professionals to help from design through delivery.


  • Best Pallet Software - Schaefer uses a CAD computer program, Best Pallet, to design pallets and determine the pallets' capabilities before being manufactured.


  • Brewer Gang Saw System - Schaefer utilizes a Brewer double arbor gang saw to cut hardwood and pine cants (4x6s, 6x8s, etc.)  to meet the customer's specification. On a monthly basis, we have the ability to cut 350,000 to 400,000 board feet of lumber (40 tractor-trailer loads).


  • Viking Nail Machine - For automated pallet assembly we utilize our Viking Nail Machine.  This machine is capable of producing over 150 custom pallets per hour.

Gang Saw in Action
Lumber Cutting Station
Cut to size Ply
Hard at work in the Box Shop
Placing boards in the Viking Nailer
Our Fleet
Hardwood Cants
Whirlwind pop-up saw
Viking Nail Machine
Make & Hold Pallet Inventory
Pallets leaving for customers
Specialty Boxes
Shipping Boxes
Final Assembly of Crates

Schaefer Box and Pallet Company

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Hardwood Cants

Ready to be sawn into cut-to-size inventory